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In front of the new color of the Jordan CP3.VIII as for the Oregon ducks team special design. Green Valley as shoe body color, with a rainbow of reflective material decorative toecap, details with black and green fluorescence, with fluorescent color soles. The number of 684855-350 new love, friends can look at. 1416014508733_720x450.jpg (169.27 KB, download number: 1) download Jordan CP3.VIII Canyon, black and green fluorescent green color 2014-11-15 09:29 upload 1416014507816_720x450.jpg (170.07 KB, download number: 0) download Jordan CP3.VIII Canyon, black and green fluorescent green color 2014-11-15 09:29 upload Jordan, fluorescent 00Since 2015, Nike launched a special project of Air Force 1 in the Chinese tribute tradition and inheritance. The name "NAI KE" project has been launched three new design classic shoes: Nike Air Force 1 High NAI KE, Nike Air Force 1 High NAI KE and Nike Air Force color road 1 Low "NAI KE QS". In 80s to enter the China market, Nike through the support of sports events, grassroots organizing competitions and sponsorship of Sports League, quickly became one of the best sports culture of Chinese cultivation. In the process of growing together with the athletes, Chinese consumer recognition of Nike's creative and innovative spirit, "Nike" two characters in Chinese has also become known to every family brand. Have a very important influence on the culture and art Chinese New Year paintings. It is integrated into all kinds of folk culture and symbol, reflects the rural people's tastes and beliefs, expressed their hope for happiness and good luck. China rendering New Year paintings the most famous places in Sichuan, Tianjin, Shandong and Suzhou, which included Tianjin's most prestigious. Nike classic white Cheap foamposites for sale color Air Force 1 Low shoes the best collocation Chinese pattern to celebrate New Year China New Year paintings. The tongue in the lotus theme, high quality white leather shoes side is decorated with Koi shiny scales painted, insoles a chubby baby these elements have New Year paintings, "meaning year after year" in the traditional culture in the new year China. In addition, on the heels of red "Nike" two characters can complement each other with the punchline, overall color, to a proper extent shows the long history and traditional culture China. item: 816621-100 image.jpg (56.26 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low NAI KE QS New Year paintings he Chun 2016-1-11 upload 22:22 image (4).Jpg (51.99 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low NAI KE QS New Year paintings he Chun 2016-1-11 22:22 upload image (1).Jpg (53.25 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air Force 1 Low NAI KE QS New Year paintings he Chun 2016-1-10in the green Air Jordan 6 "Gatorade" into the line of sight shortly after today, online again exposed another color Air Jordan 6 "Gatorade" - . In addition to Jumpman Logo is still green, tongue and the vamp with the Gatorade Logo on another sign of a bright orange and white color collocation. This color matching seems to be more pleasing than the previous green based color scheme. shoe information: Air Jordan 6 "Gatorade" color: Summit White/Black-Team Orange number: 384664-145 offer date: October 2017 offer price: $190 Source: Swish Supply APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! ??????t shirt maker Emilio Pucci Fa Cheap air jordans for sale ll Ready to Wear Accessories Photos Vogue black and red jordan s Hey I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https www etsy com listing long boho silver necklace turquoise shirt maker Emilio Pucci Fall Ready to Wea" /〉 authentic air jordans on sale Corn Casserole with Cheese amp Bacon This easy dish comes together quickly with just corn butter cheddar cheese bacon a little flour eggs and chives coach bag online Bohemian Bedroom Canopy Boho Hippy vintage scarves by HippieWild air jordan shop melbourne Emilio Pucci Spring Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue chrome hearts rings price baker karat Emilio Pucci Fall Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue air jordan retro high premier gucci BOHO Gypsy ring Hippie ring Bohemian style Statement ring R JewelryBOHO Handmade Elephant sterling silver BOHO Tribal ring animal print shoes nordstrom This is Me Playing With Paper September clothing outlet online shopping Emilio Pucci Spring Ready to Wear Collection Photos Vogue t shirt maker Emilio Pucci Fall Ready to Wear Accessories Photos Vogue at present, China is in a serious stage of aging society. According to the data show that nearly 8 million of the elderly enter the aging ranks each year, which shows that the development of the elderly industry has a bright future. throughout the domestic shoe market, shoes on the shelf for children, youth, sports shoes, casual shoes, middle-aged leather goods but special shoes for a superb collection of beautiful things, the elderly are scanty. This is closely related to the low profits of the production and sale of special shoes for the elderly. However, in the premise of aging industry giant, shoe enterprises through rigorous market research, understand the core needs of the elderly an Cheap jordans online d a series of preparatory work, and as a basis for the elderly shoe production of marketable, maximize profits and so all possible. Based on the analysis of the elderly consumption of shoes, shoes enterprises to produce the most basic needs of the elderly to meet the special shoes more favored, but nothing more than warm, comfortable, light, safe and without health care function shoes. It is well known that the elderly are more modest and frugal than those of other age groups, so the price is too high. Of course, there are some special groups for the elderly, combined with high-tech, high prices are reasonable. For example, the United States shoes upcoming for built-in global positioning system of dementia patients. Market demand decides the development direction of shoe enterprise, only grasp this one key factor, shoe enterprise ability achieves success. national "12th Five-Year" plan clearly stated that "priority to the development of social pension services, nurturing and strengthening the aging service industry and industry."". The traditional concept of Chinese pension is home care, and, indeed wrong, we should plan the aging industry needs the strong support of government social enterprises. Clearly, the aging industry also needs to build a strong brand of related industries. Then, shoes enterprises should be in the elderly special shoes on the full drive, to create a strong brand of special footwear for the elderly, and strive to become the footwear industry's leading brand, better service to the elderly. (responsibility editor: afnhk) : August 21st news, in a marathon run on Sunday, two marathons each had a spring on their sole to boost their horsepower. according to Reuters, Angola's Ant Jan Ba (Joao N'Tyamba) and Ecuad Cheap foamposites for sale or's Tenorio (Franklin Tenorio) chose Spira Stinger brand running shoes, the shoe sole has two stainless steel spring. American track and field athletes wear this kind of shoe department banned, that will lead to unfair competition, but the IAAF have not made, so that Spira had the opportunity on the olympics. "our shoes bring absolute advantage is not greater than Speedo swimsuit, but no one said Phelps should be suspended," Spira chief executive Andy Krafsur said in a telephone interview. the marathon race requires high shoes. First of all, the shoes have to endure a distance of 42.195 kilometers, then comfortable, light, which can protect the feet, but also can reduce fatigue. other runners on the marathon also chose unusual running shoes. For example, the United States Asics Ryan (he Hall), he chose is running shoes, this shoe soles from the grain of repression, you can absorb water and improve traction. : Krafsur says all running shoes are designed to help athletes finish the race better, so he doesn't understand why shoes are loaded with springs. veteran Ant Jan Ba is 40 years old this year; he says running shoes with springs can make them more competitive. (responsibility editor: admin) on March 12, just the end of 2016 Crankworx (crank workshop) Rotorua (Rotorua) station, take French downhill boy genius Loic Bruni IXS downhill race, once again won the championship. 2016 rankworx (crank mania) New Zealand Rotorua station downhill champion Loic Bruni (Loic & middot; Bruni), Cagnes sur mer in nice, France, 1994 was born, professional DH racer, specialized gravity team. At the same time, he is also currently enrolled in SKEMA business school. His father, Jean-Pierre, is a very good driver and a c cheap foamposites oach who is very supportive of his mountain bike sport. Childhood Loic is determined to become a driver like his father, and he grew up in the downhill show amazing talent, Loic 10 years old began to participate in the competition, the leisure time often play BMX and motocross, joined Lapierre gravity team youth group in 2011, 2013 to for professional cyclists. gifted him in the 2012 season began in a major tournament outcrop temporarily angle, in 2012 UCI downhill World Championship then gains in one fell swoop youth group champion, 2013 as a professional driver, rapid progress, a irremediable. The continuation of the 2012 season legend, has won the French National Championships and IXS downhill downhill European cup. UCI won 2012 World Championships youth champion downhillwon 2013 French national downhill champion IXS in the 2013 European Cup downhill game won 2013 European Cup champion IXS downhill2015 21 years old, he is already mature professional drivers, the season is he in UCI downhill World Cup's most glorious season, respectively, in France the Lourdes, take Lenzerheide Fort William in Scotland and Switzerland qualifying championship, but unfortunately, qualifying match shaped body of the brave did not survive into the final. In the final moments he four times and champion missed the second, don't win a championship, won the final at the end of the year runner up results, but this did not dampen the French victory of hope. In half a month after 2015 UCI downhill world championship. Many people want the Frenchman won the championship, and ultimately Loic did not let people down, final results more than Troy Brosnan and Greg Minnaar successful standing on the top step of the podium, is further proof of the strength of their own, this i Retro jordans for sale s his first international championship. UCI won 2015 downhill World Cup runner up UCI won 2015 downhill World Cup runner up2013 animal foot shoes on Competition 2013-12-08 23:03:24 Members of Sneakerheads who love home there will be cute dog strip bar. You make your own beloved pet wear shoes it? It was recently uploaded on the Internet by the cute dog photos instagram own feet shoes drying out, take a look at their pictures, what you waiting for it, and quickly picked up a camera and shoot your beloved dog of your own Style Come on. ultimate gentleman carved high Christian Louboutin shoes 2013-12-08 22:42:44 latest French luxury brand & nbsp; Christian Louboutin and recently released a & nbsp; Vikram Mens Flat shoes carved gentleman, though the new work does not rivets or animal pattern design elements, but still does not change the & nbsp; Christian Louboutin full sense of luxury high-end line. Suede shoes with high quality fabrics to create shoes, toe patent leather material is made punishable, designers also added two as fixed buckle shoes. The entire section showing a detailed design shoes and designer of high-end taste. This shoe has been officially added to the Christian Louboutin official website, priced at $ 1,150. Nike released the new season away match in Rome with clothes 2014-07-23 14:31:16 & nbsp; for the Roman team Nike recently released the new season away games with clothes, white as the main color design, the design of a ribbon in the chest of the ramp make shirts look great feeling Roman soldiers, also used the Nike jersey The Dri-Fit technology, so that the players can keep dry clothes. I hope that the next season of "The Prince of Rome" Roma Totti led energy on winning medals, now already available in NikeStore j Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ersey and the team's official website store. & nbsp; adidas Crazy Light 2 Low physical exposure 2013-12-08 23:25:27 new color Recently, two new color versions of the adidas Crazy Light 2 Low physical picture exposed to the network. Yellow and white colors are black and red version of the black and white color version, lightweight basketball shoes as the main product, has repeatedly stressed the importance of light in the shoes. According to the network news came to light in front of two adidas Crazy Light 2 Low will meet with friends in the summer.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] Following the acquisition of Cleveland Cavaliers HuangJianHua 15% stake, NBA is preparing to celebrate its second Chinese shareholder. There are more than enough evidence that the Chinese player Yi Jianlian where the New Jersey Nets, is also looking for China to accelerate its pace of shareholders. Nets CEO Brett? Yue Make the trip to China a few days ago, but confirmed the speculation of the media. "In the new season, the Nets will have more than 30 games home games broadcast in China, Chinese companies are hoping to pass the Nets' game to promote themselves." Brett told WFAN Radio He said during an interview. China Yao Ming effect where the Houston Rockets, Brett? Yue Make clearly see in the eyes, jealousy in their hearts. Although they are not Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, but the appeal of China's domestic market is also no doubt that this will be the New Jersey Nets in the hands of Chinese enterprises in the greatest temptation of chips. To make easy to have ample opportunity to show their own space, to keep the team more attractive to Chinese enterprises, the Nets gave up even before the start of the new season signings-paid plans. Focus Media speculation focused on the Olympic body. This comes from China Fujian Quanzhou sports brand has just celebrated its 20th birthday. Despite the weather, Brett has not been able to meet directly with the company CEO Xu Zhihua, but the reporter has learned, the United States and New Jersey Pick the existing high-level contacts, and plans to invest about $ 60 million to acquire 20% stake in the latter. Olympic public relations manager, told reporters the acquisition Hou Lidong refused further details, saying only that "all will have results within two months." Coincidentally, rumors of a $ 60 million acquisition of money just two months ago, Pick Sequoia Capital, Legend Capital, CCB International and three private equity investment institutions to invest in the third round number . Pick early as the end to complete the hearing of Hong Kong-listed, ready to start the listing, which is the final round of pre-IPO financing. Despite the Peak looks slightly upper hand in this takeover battle, but it is still a strong competitor. Chinese fans happy, rumors Pick two other competitors, also from China, is a Chinese investor Huang Jianhua, the other is a home appliance maker Haier. Although the Olympic public relations manager Hou Lidong reluctant to say more, but he vaguely indicated that just shares the Cleveland Cavaliers Huang Jianhua, the possibility of becoming shareholders of the Nets "There still exists," Huang is the biggest Olympic rival. If the Olympic win in the competition, for Yi Jianlian's sponsor Nike, it would be a bad enough result. As the first Chinese basketball products market share, Pick has been an increasing number of areas of hope in the challenges of international brand authority. Earlier in the end of the NBA playoffs, wearing Reebok sneakers of Chinese star Yao Ming pulled out of the race, but wearing sneakers Pick Battier and Artest insists to the end. Moreover, in the basketball court, the Olympic is also a considerable number of overseas market has become rivals Nike and Adidas, for example, another basketball powerhouse in Asia Lebanon. Adidas acquired Reebok last year, and $ 200 million to buy the dips Super Nike, also prompted the Olympic speed up the pace of internationalization, in order to face market competition in the North American Basketball supplies Nike and Adidas and positive. "the domestic market is facing increasingly fierce competition in the homogenization. Pick the path can at least ensure rapid growth." Peak CEO Xu Zhihua told reporters. In his view, only three local market conditions have to cultivate brand, namely the United States, Europe and China, "even the Japanese are not", while North America is clearly the best international first stop. and Anta, 361 & deg; different, Peak did not want to take on the domestic pattern replication Steady international strategy in North America. Hua Xu believes, NBA, including the official opening, the team and players and many other brands of resources, international investment resources are not more expensive than domestic, can "wall flower incense on both sides." And in the 2008 financial crisis, the North American Basketball supplies market remains a two percent growth rate, and international giants almost are facing financing difficulties, inventories, lower profit margins dilemma, which provides an opportunity for Chinese brands. The field of vision into global, could "more calmly allocation of resources." Olympic basketball started focused internationalization strategy in 2005, we have signed a lot of NBA players and international tournaments and become the NBA nearly 20 Chinese partners earliest. March this year, the Olympic and FIBA ??announced the signing of cooperation, its internationalization process has entered a new stage. Xu Zhihua at conception, the Olympic future will put $ 10 million per year in the North American market, like the United States brands to enter China as "holding a high hit." Xu Zhihua according to a series of aggressive development plan, to be completed in 2009 Olympic "international market, human resources and capital," North America is still the top priority. It now appears, Peak seems to want to accelerate the pace of expansion in other areas, such as football. Xu Zhihua recently appeared in Liaoning football team to the scene, causing a great deal of media attention. Some analysts believe that, in the Chinese Super League after losing to Nike shirt sponsorship rights, and is expected Peak recently was promoted to Super League team Liaoning contacts, hoping the acquisition of the latter to enter the market in Liaoning football fans more. In this regard, Hou Lidong is still evasive, acquisitions may "is not no", but the two sides are still in contact.01_50.jpg (89.13 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-27 08:45 upload 02_48.jpg (83.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-27 08:45 upload 0.jpg (116.1 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-13 11:56 upload 1.jpg (120.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-13 11:56 upload 2.jpg (110.79 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-13 11:56 upload